Secrets Of Positive Influence a Live Event

Almost everyone can recall a time when their life was changed or made better by a kind word, action or encouragement by another person. How many times have we read about people who felt their entire life was changed by a word or deed from a complete stranger? What is interesting is that the other person likely never knew the amazing impact their actions had on that person.

As we strive to be a positive influence, the world changes for the better. Not only that, but the plum on the pudding

is that as we help, we are helped. Some studies have shown that the strongest element in creating happiness is helping others. Being a positive influence is one of the best ways we can change our world for the better.

In this live event, Peter Parsley, Social Engineer will present his tips and tricks from the field of influence and persuasion on how to better become a beacon of positive influence. Diane Ross will address the more spiritual side of positive influence and lead the group in a meditation to help strengthen everyone’s ability to be a positive influence in the world.

Secrets of Positive Influence with Diane Ross

and Peter Parsley, Social Engineer

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at the Winter Park Library, Winter Park, Florida

7-8 pm 15.00 at the door

Know Your Soul Contract a live event Tuesday December 27


Do you know the main reason you incarnated this time around?  Do you know

what you planned to accomplish?  Are you completing your life’s work? Did you map out a plan for your highest good before you were born?

In this guided group meditation, Diane Ross, hypnotist and Master Practitioner NLP, will provide you the opportunity to tap into your soul contract and discover what you planned to accomplish during your current lifetime.

What would you like to know?  The answers might be revealing.

Visit A Previous Lifetime – A Live Event November 29, 2016

Are there issues or blocks you are experiencing that you can’t really explain by events in this lifetime? Or are you wondering whether you have lived before in another place or time? You might even be seeking validation that you ancient-temple_zkjhp_hoare an eternal being and that we really don’t die.

During this live group meditation, you will have the opportunity to answer all these questions and more. It can be interesting to have a psychic tell you about your past lives but it can be another level of healing and understanding when you access that information for yourself.

Join me Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at the Winter Park Library, Winter Park, Florida for this exciting event. It will be held from 7-9 pm and is 15 dollars. For more information, call 407-898-7918.

Simple Tricks To Shape Your Reality

Have you ever had that feeling that you aren’t moving towards the reality you really want? Have you felt like your reality is being shaped more by events than what you had planned for yourself? You can shape your reality. Join Diane Ross Tuesday August 30, 2016 as she takes you on a guided meditation and coupled with NLP, will help you create that transformation in your reality that you would prefer. Her special guest, Peter Parsley, Social Engineer will share his unique insights and tips from the social engineer field, giving you a different perspective on how to create the life you want. Join Diane and Peter and shape the reality you have been wanting to create!

Tuesday August 30, 2016 at the Winter Park Library from 7-8 p.m. 15 dollars at the door.

For more information go to or call 407-898-7918.

Peter Parsley   Social Engineering Technologies LLC

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Secrets To Making Better Decisions – A Live Event – with Diane Ross and Peter Parsley

We all have difficulty making decisions from time to time. Too often we look back and feel that maybe, we got it wrong. Do you sometimes wonder how can I make better decisions in the future? It is possible.

At this live group session, I will take you into a guided meditation and then share with you an NLP technique which will help you make better decisions when and where you want. My special guest, Peter Parsley, will share his tips and tricks from the field of social engineering which will also help you make better decisions and how to use strategic thinking in your decision-making process.

Decisions Concept

Decisions Concept

Two different approaches to making better decisions promises a most  interesting and important live event.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016 from 7 to 8 P.M.

at the Winter Park Library, Winter Park, Fl. 15 dollars at the door.

special guest Peter Parsley –  Social Engineerpeter circle no background png

Discover Your Soul’s Gift

All of us come into this world with a special gift. This is a gift that is meant to be expanded upon and shared with the world. Things start making sense and fall into place when we come to realize what our soul’s gift is and how we can learn and expand upon this treasure.

It can be difficult sometimes to uncover what our gift is. In this live group session, I will help you achieve a deep

woman silhouette in front of a sunset

state of relaxation where you will have the opportunity to connect with and better understand what your gift is and how it can help you achieve your goals in this lifetime.

You planned this life before you were born, and this is a method of finding out consciously what you planned so that you can fulfill your goals. Based on the work of Robert Schwartz, author or “Your Soul’s Gift.”

Join me for this important and exciting live group session.

Tuesday June 14, 20016 at the Winter Park Library from 7-8 p.m. in Winter Park, Fl. $15.00 at the door

for more information go to or call 407-898-7918


Communicate With Your Inner Healer – A Live Group Session

We all have an Inner Healer, a part of our spiritual nature that knows what we need to know in order to live a healthier life and to heal all aspects of our lives. This healing can be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to connect with our Inner healer and “hear” that quiet voice inside.

Join me at this live session where I will guide you using meditation and hypnosis into a deeply relaxed state where you will have the opportunity to connect with your Inner Healer. You might receive insights or knowledge for yourself or someone else during this session.

I hope to see you this coming Tuesday, May 10, 2016, at the Winter Park Library from 7-8 P.M. $15.00 at the door.

For more information, call 407-898-7918 or go to


Access Your Ideal Self – A Live Group Session April 12, 2016

Reconnect With Your Ideal Self

We all have an inner ideal self. It is that self that embodies all of our best qualities and highest ideals. Most people lose sight of their ideal self over time. But, you can reconnect with that inner best self and the rewards are tremendous.

In this live group session, I will guide you into a deep meditative state where you will be able to access your ideal self and tap into that wonderful best nature of yourself. Then I will teach you how to create an anchor so that you can trigger that connection with your ideal self when you want and where you want.

Peter Parsley, consultant and social engineer, will share some his unique tips and techniques from the field of social engineering that can help you enhance your efforts to become more of your ideal self.

Join us for this exciting live event. We hope to see you there!

Tuesday April 12, 2016 from 7-8 p.m. at the Winter Park Library in Winter Park, Florida

$15.00 at the door

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Meet Your Council Of Wisdom – A Live Event

Often the most powerful part of a past life regression is when I take a client to the time between lives where they exist between incarnations. Here the soul reflects on the previous lifetime and the lessons learned. Another key event during that time is meeting with their Council of Wisdom. We all have a Council of Wisdom. This is a group of beings who help us to plan and review our progress as we move from one incarnation to the next.

In this live group meditation, you will have the opportunity to connect with your Council of Wisdom. There you may receive answers to many questions you might have. You might be wondering whether you are on the right path, what can you do to further your highest goals, or what other insights and understandings would be most helpful to you in this lifetime?

Join me for this exciting live event and get answers to these questions or more.

Tuesday March 22, 2016 from 7-8 P.M.

at the Winter Park Library, Winter Park, Fl

for more info, call me at 407-898-7918

Releasing Blocks A Live Group Session

Everyone has hopes and dreams for their inner selves and their outer life. Many of us set goals to achieve those dreams. But all too often, we seem to get stuck or “blocked” by some internal conflict or fear that seems to stop us from accomplishing those goals. Pushing through these blocks can be slow and painful. We try to use will power to push through or berate ourselves into action.

It doesn’t have to be that hard. We can use hypnosis to harness the power of the unconscious mind to find and release those blocks without all the suffering



Join me this Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016, at the Winter Park Library from 7 to 8 p.m. and release those blocks. I will lead everyone in a group session where you will have the opportunity to harness the power of your unconscious mind to break down those barriers to your goals. My guest, Peter Parsley will use his skills from the field of Social Engineering to help you achieve your goals by sharing his special tips and trick.

For more information, call 407-898-7918 or my main website at

To learn more about how Peter can help your business using his skills as a Social Engineer, go to

Extreme Mind Training – A live event

Join me December 8, 2015 at the Winter Park Library from 7-8 p.m. and learn to train your brain. There are so many stressors in our lives especially this time of year. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn to achieve focus and let go of worry? You can. I will guide you with a meditative technique combined with NLP to help you keep it all in focus and approach the holidays with a greater sense of calm and confidence. My guest Peter Parsley, will share his unique insights and techniques that will help you enhance your life. Join us, we look forward to seeing you!

How To Hear Your Angels

Join me Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at the Winter Park Library in Winter Park Florida 7 – 8 p.m. for what promises to be an uplifting live event.

Have you wondered if you have a guardian angel or angels? Maybe you’d like to know more about what it is they want to share with you as you walk the path of your spiritual journey.

In this live group meditation you will have the opportunity to tap into what your angels would like to share with you and expand your understanding of who your special guardians are. I hope to see you there.

Check out this short video about this group session:

Discover the #1 Rule for a Superior Life – A Live Event – 10 13 15

Join me and my special guest, Peter Parsley, social engineer for this truly exciting and important live group session. Everyone wants to live a superior life and achieve success in all the aspects of their life. Did you know that it is now backed up with research studies in the field of positive psychology that happiness is the key factor in determining productivity, success and satisfaction in all areas of your life. The Dalai Lama told us about the power of happiness for years. Join us Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at the Winter Park Library where I will help you reconnect with your happiest moment and teach you how to revitalize those feelings when you need them. Peter Parsley will share with you his techniques and insights into ways to utilize this powerful force in your life. 7-8 p.m. 15 dollars at the door.

Past-Life Regression Stories – The Samurai

The Samurai


He didn’t want to kill again, but he had no choice. The young challenger stood before him with his razor-sharp weapon, calculating his first strike.

The challenger was dead in seconds. “Master,” as the Japanese samurai was called, cut his opponent with the upswing of his sword and then again on the downswing.

    N.U. spoke while lying back in the recliner in my office. He was in a deep state of hypnosis and was remembering his lifetime as an ancient swordsman.

“I’m really fast,” he said, while recalling this incident that took place more than 500 years ago. “It seems like I’m moving slow but I’m not. It’s like my hands are alive. I feel the energy in my hands. It’s like from my wrists down they’re alive with energy and I can sense when someone’s going to attack. So it looks like I actually move before they move but, they’re thinking about moving, but I’m that fast. I sense their intention before it gets to their muscles. I sense their intention to move and I sense it through my hands. People think I attack first but I really don’t. People don’t understand this.”

Who is N.U.?

wikimedia public domainThis is the voice of N. U., a fifty-six year middle school teacher who came to see me to do a past-life regression just because he was curious. He went easily into a deep trance and responded to my questions without hesitation.

    N.U. described the scene as a beautiful garden area. I asked him why he was fighting and he said his challenger, “Heard about me and he wanted to see. It was my duty to show him. I’ve been taught to tuck in my chin down low, for balance and to be humble. Again, it makes me faster.”

I asked what happened after he killed his opponent.

“I say a prayer. I’m standing still. I pray silently. Everybody thinks I’m looking mean but I’m praying inside. I’m praying for him to go to a better place. I’m just thinking. I’m just thinking with great spirit.”

I took Master to his point of death in that lifetime. He was about 80 years old. He said he died of old age and because he was tired. I then guided him to the Place of Review, the place in the ethereal realms where he could see the big picture of the life that he just left.

What lessons were learned from this lifetime?

When asked what he learned he said, “Discipline. Respect for everybody and everything. I always did the right thing. I never lost focus. I was very serious. Every day was discipline, that’s all. The swords were beautiful.”

He also learned how to channel energy, and how to move energy in and out of his body, mainly though his hands.

“I should have taught more people how to do that. I kept that kind of a secret. I couldn’t share everything. I think it would have been used against me.”

I asked him how he learned to channel the energy and he replied, “I was taught by other people. They’re kind of like japanese-vector-kanji_MJj0SqI_people but like spirits, too. I listen to them when I meditate. Other people could hear them too but they didn’t listen. They thought they were silly. They just show you how to do it, they don’t really teach you (in the conventional sense), they show you. It’s possible that you could to do this. It’s no big deal. Anyone can do it. But no one does.”

I asked if he could use this knowledge in his current life, if he wanted to.

Yes, he said, but not for bad. “It’s the same energy used to heal people. You draw it in and let it back out through your hands. It’s like your hands have a life of their own, full of energy. I didn’t use it to heal anyone in that life, I used it to be fast. I can feel it in my sword.”

He said he knew about that energy as N. U., “I always have. I also have the knowledge of how to stand alone, by myself, when I need to. I laugh a lot more now than I did back then. I still remember to tuck in my chin – it tightens the neck muscles – puts your balance forward – so you can move fast.

“I didn’t love anyone back then – nobody. I understand that now. It’s why I don’t get too close to many people – cause of that lifetime. Even when I’m close, I’m not really close. I still have that feeling, I still have that person in me, not as strong though, he doesn’t override me (as N. U.)”

The Master speaks to N.U.

I asked if Master had anything to say to N. U. “Keep studying the energy. That’s your connection – to heaven – that’s your connection to heaven. Never use it for the wrong reasons.”

“I can see myself now, back then,“ N. U. said. ”I’m just standing there, looking down at the ground. It’s funny because I look so serious. I can’t be that serious any more.”

Asked why he was so serious he said, “He was a samurai. He had to be ready to fight all the time.”

As N. U. pondered Master’s life, he said, “He should have enjoyed himself a little more.   He should have let people in.” He said he died in a cave by himself, lying on his right side.

Musashi_ts_picAs he got more clarity about Master’s life, the name Musashi came to him. He said Musashi wrote a book about the energy, but that people only absorbed the information about the fighting, that they didn’t understand the energy part at all. The name of the book is, “The Five Rings,” and is available to this day.

How will this memory affect N. U. now?

He’s still studying, still learning about the energy. But he’s happier now, not so serious. After all, he doesn’t have to worry about someone challenging his life at any moment!



Can You be Hypnotized?

Can You be Hypnotized?

Can you be hypnotized? That’s one of the most important questions I’m asked, and in order to answer it, I’l like to explain the levels of consciousness and let you in on the secrets of stage hypnosis.

The stage hypnotists out there would probably like to kill me for revealing these secrets, but I want you to know so that you have a better understanding of the mind.

Basically there are four levels of consciousness: beta, alpha, theta and delta.

Beta (12 Htz. And up) is wide awake and alert. This is where your critical mind is. This is linear, logical thinking. This is the realm of intellectual knowledge. This is where your, “Yes, buts. . . .” are. You know, “I would do this, BUT. . . .I would do that, BUT. . . . “ Become aware of your YES BUTS, because everything that you say to yourself after BUT, you are manifesting in you life.

Alpha (9 to 11 Htz.) is the state you experience right before you are ready to drift off to sleep. In alpha you experience what we call sensory acuity; your hearing gets better, you can actually see better, your sense of touch is more acute.

Have you ever had the experience when you’re falling asleep, right before you’re ready to drift off, and all of a sudden you hear the clock ticking, or the water dripping, and you get irritated and bring yourself back up to beta? That’s pretty normal. Next time that happens, say something to yourself like, “Oh, that’s what Diane was talking about!” And instead of getting irritated, allow yourself to go deeper and you’ll go into theta (4 to 8 Htz) . At theta you’re just not paying attention. Nothing outside you has changed, but your attention has turned inward.

The deepest level is delta (0 to 3 Htz.) Delta is where the body heals itself and rejuvenates.

Alpha and theta are where dreams occur.

Alpha and theta are where hypnosis occurs.

Alpha and theta are where meditation occurs.

I’m talking brain cycles per second. So if you had a brain wave machine hooked up to your head while you were in hypnosis, your brain waves would be measuring in the upper levels of alpha to the lower levels of theta, kind of like a sine wave. You are not at a static, unconscious state.

These are natural, normal states. What happens in hypnosis is that we bypass the critical mind (beta) to a degree. We usually don’t completely bypass the critical mind, because the critical mind wants to keep you safe.

The degree to which you go into hypnosis is based on your ability to let go of the critical mind and access the deeper levels of alpha and theta.

One of the secrets that stage hypnotists don’t want you to know is that all hypnosis is selfhypnosis. You cannot be hypnotized against your will. In a sense, I cannot hypnotize you! Just as I cannot dream you! I cannot meditate you!

I can take you into deeper levels of hypnosis. I can guide you, I can help you, but you are the one doing the work. I’m just the guide, the facilitator.

Another secret that stage hypnotists don’t want you to know is that going into hypnosis is a skill. You learn how to to do it, just like you learn how to use a keyboard, you learn how to ride a bike.

Remember the bell-shaped curve from math class? By definition, any randomly chosen group of 100 people will form a bell-shaped curve according to their ability regarding any particular skill.

So if I have a group of 100 people and test their ability to go very deeply, very quickly, into hypnosis, they will form a bell-shaped curve, which means that 8 to 10 of those 100 people will have the natural ability to go very deeply, very quickly, into hypnosis.

Let’s pretend I’m going to do a stage show. I’m not a stage hypnotist, but let’s just say I’m going to do a show. I would insist on at least 100 people in the audience. Why? I’ve got to make sure that I have enough people so that it’s likely that at least 8 to 10 of them have the natural ability to go into hypnosis quickly and deeply.

So I have a hundred people in the audience. I ask for volunteers to come up on stage and have some fun. I only ask for volunteers. I would never choose anyone to come up on stage who didn’t volunteer. Why? All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. If they didn’t want to do it, they won’t cooperate. Most of these people have seen stage hypnosis shows. They know they’re going to bark like a dog or do silly things, it’s part of the fun. It’s an opportunity for them to show off and act out of character.

Let’s say 20 people volunteer. I ask all 20 to come up on stage and give them a quick assessment to determine if they have the ability to go into hypnosis quickly and deeply.

Imagine that 10 of the 20 people do really well. Ten do terrible. I tell the 10 who did terrible, “Thank you very much, you can go have a seat now.”

After they’ve left the stage, who remains? The 10 who have the natural ability to go very deeply, very quickly into hypnosis! And they want to be there! They want to be silly and have fun.

But I don’t explain all this to the audience, that would ruin the show. So what does the audience think? She’s so powerful! Look what she can make those people do! Power has nothing to do with is! It’s not power, it’s math! It’s simply knowing what you’re doing!

Your ability to experience hypnosis depends not only on your natural talents, but also on your willingness to learn.

Going into hypnosis is a skill, and like all skills, the more you practice, the better you get.

So, can you be hypnotized? Of course you can! Going into hypnosis is fun, natural and easy! I believe you will be thrilled with the results. All you need to do is relax, let go and allow yourself to be guided into these wonderful, tranquil states.

Can a Broken Heart Ever Heal?

Watch this short interview with Diane regarding this regression.

Penelope’s heart was poisoned with sadness. It would crush the joy out of her life for the rest of her days and darken her relationships with her husband and family. How could she recover from the loss of her youngest child? Could she ever let go of this grief even 150 years later? How could something like this remain hidden for so long?

Fast forward in time. Penelope was curious. She wanted to do a past-life regression to see what she might uncover. Sometimes being curious is exactly the state of mind needed to reveal important information.

Penelope was in her late forties and had never done this kind of work.

As I guided her into hypnosis, she easily slipped into a deep trance. In this deep, comfortable state, I led her into another life, another place.

I asked what she was wearing. She responded without hesitation; button-up shoes, a long black dress, long sleeves. She was in Great Britain, during the 1800’s. She told me she was married and had two children, a boy and a girl. The girl was about 13 years old and the boy was about nine.

Suddenly she started crying.

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“My son,” she sobbed. “He’s sick! Oh, God,” she wept, “my son died!”

She cried softly and I suggested that if it was too painful for her to experience this that she could rise up above the memory and look down on it, as if she were watching a movie. I suggested that she see the big picture of this event, and to tell me what happened as it unfolded.

Penelope said her son got sick and died, just like that, quickly, and there was nothing they could do. The ensuing pain overshadowed the rest of her days in that life.

Then she said her husband hugged her, trying to comfort her. I wanted her to move on, but she stopped me.

“I just want to feel his hug again,” she said.

After she came out of hypnosis we talked about what she had experienced. She told me that in those times, even married people didn’t show affection, and that she never felt her husband’s love until he hugged her after their son died.

She kept consciously going back to that singular loving embrace, cherishing the feeling of being loved.

Penelope was extremely thankful for that past life regression. She said she finally understood the relationship she had with a long-time boyfriend in her current lifetime. She said she loved him dearly, but she would not marry him and she didn’t understand why until we tapped into this memory.

During her college years, she had an on-and-off engagement with a man she really loved, but couldn’t bring herself to marry. She never knew why until the session with me. Her old boyfriend was her husband back in Great Britain, and her unconscious mind associated the inner torment of her son’s death with him. That’s why she couldn’t marry him. It wasn’t anything he had done wrong in the present, it was that her pain in the past was associated with him, and on an unconscious level, she couldn’t bring herself to connect with that grief.

She said that after her son died in that lifetime, she never felt happy again. Her daughter had grown up and married, and she continued to go through the motions of daily living, but the dark and painful chasm in her soul was never healed.

After the regression Penelope marveled at finally finding the reason she couldn’t marry her old boyfriend.

Now I understand,” she said. “It finally makes sense. Now I can stop thinking about him.” She couldn’t stop thanking me for helping her to let go of that old obsession.

She had thought about her old boyfriend every single day up to that point, even though she was now happily married and had a son. She just couldn’t understand, until she experienced the regression, why she stopped herself from marrying her old flame.

It’s also interesting to note that Penelope was unable to have children of her own in her current life. She and her current husband adopted a baby boy and were happy with their choices.

We will never know if her inability to conceive was also related to the grief of losing her son back then, but one cannot help but wonder.

One thing is for certain, Penelope is free from the unconscious pain she had associated with her former fiancé.

Finally, after a century and a half, her relationship has healed.


Space Aliens and Weird Creatures

This is a visual portrayal of an excerpt from my book, Meditations for Miracles. Despite the unusual title of the video, the meditation is a reflection of the idea that love is the most powerful force in the universe, no matter what else may exist.

Worry – Release

This morning a client called me on the phone and explained that her relatives in Nairobi, Kenya, had been injured in the recent terrorist attack there. She couldn’t stop worrying about them and asked me if I could help her get out of the worry cycle.
Of course I can! It’s natural to worry, I explained to her, especially when our loved ones are involved. However, worry does not help our loved ones and it certainly does not help us.
I asked her to see her friends and relatives there as pillars of light. The light represents love, which is all powerful and cannot be destroyed.
This does two very important things: First of all, it sends positive energy to them, and helps strengthen their energy field. Second, it helps her release worry and connect to a positive emotional state. When we see others as pillars of light, which is a metaphor for love, we cannot be in a state of worry. The image of light releases the negative energies.
So this is a quick, simple way of releasing worry: Next time you catch yourself worrying, see whatever it is that you are worrying about as pillars of light, and the worry will automatically be released and replaced by the positive energy of love.

For a more in-depth look at overcoming worry, please visit

Your Place of Peace

Do you have a special place where you feel your best?
For some it may be breathing the crisp air of the mountains. For others it may be feeling the cleansing waters of the ocean. Others may prefer the security of their own back porch. Whatever place you feel your best; chances are this environment evokes peace, tranquility and comfort.
As we evolve mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we learn to take the positive feelings that we experience in our outer world, and cultivate them in our inner world. We learn to take the relaxing, calm feelings we get from our “special place” on the outside, and put them into a special place we have on the inside, so that no matter what our outer circumstances are, we have access to peace, tranquility and comfort.
Outer places are useful so that we learn how to experience these positive emotions, but if we can only experience these positive emotions when we are in this outer “place,” we have missed the point. The point is that these wonderful emotions are within you to begin with! You must already have these wonderful feelings within you, or you couldn’t have experienced them even in the presence of your special place. Your special place may have evoked these emotions, but the emotions were already in you!
The trick is to learn how to access these powerful, peaceful emotions at will. Here is a technique that I use, and maybe it will help you, too!
First, think of your special outer place. Imagine you are there right now. What are the sights you would see there? What are the sounds you would hear there? What are the fragrances you would smell there? What are the feelings you would feel there? Make it as real in your mind’s eye as you possibly can. Allow these sights, sounds, smells and feelings to get as strong as you can make them. When they are as strong as you can make them, take a deep breath in and put your attention on your heart.
What fires together, wires together. That’s the point of cultivating the positive feelings and then breathing and putting your attention on your heart. This action becomes an “anchor” or a trigger to the positive emotions.
The next time you are in need of peace, simply take a deep breath in and put your attention on your heart, and you will automatically experience the emotion that your outer place provided.
As you practice this technique, you learn how to access your best possible emotional state without having to go anywhere!
I was recently having my teeth cleaned. Now, being at the dentist’s office is not my favorite place to be (even though the people there are really nice!). One of the things I have learned is that being in my own mouth while having work done there is not going to help the dentist or hygienist do their work. So what do I do? I go to my special place! For me it’s the beach, or walking in the woods by a stunning waterfall.
So when I’m having dental work done, I go on vacation! I take a deep breath in, put my attention on my heart and am instantly transported to the peaceful, refreshing, calm, world of nature.
There is no point in experiencing discomfort if it can possibly be avoided. When you learn to access the positive states in your inner world, it makes it a lot easier to cope with the discomforts in the outer world.
What ever your special place is, cultivate the feelings you experience there on the inside so that you can take peace with you where ever you go!


Bliss = Mind + Meditation

Want bliss? How do you get it? Your mind. Your most powerful resource. Are you using it, or is it using you? How do you learn to use your mind to get what you want? How do you harness your power?
What does that mean and how do you do it? Most people have a vague idea of what meditation means, but that vague idea is just that – vague. Vague is the opposite of what one wants to achieve through meditation.
Meditation is the practice of focusing your attention on a single object or idea, usually of a divine nature. Prayer has been called talking to God. Meditation has been called listening to God. How can you listen to God if your mind is full of chatter? That chatter takes up the space in which God can speak to you. That’s why meditation is so important. It stills the chatter of the mind so that space is available for inspiration, creativity, bliss, and other God-like experiences.
Focusing your attention is easier said than practiced. Ever notice that meditation is referred to as a “practice?” That’s because it requires practice. It’s a skill, and all skills require practice.
Most meditation techniques suggest that you “get comfortable,” and focus your attention on your breath. When your mind wanders off (notice that the mind wandering off is assumed) simply put your attention on your breath again. I dare you to try it!
First of all, how do you “get comfortable?” That statement assumes that you already have the ability to be comfortable in your body and that you know how to access that comfort almost instantly.
Secondly, the mind gets bored easily, and focusing just on your breath can become tiresome and boring after about 15 seconds. The mind doesn’t like tiresome and boring. The mind wants a job, but not a boring job.
One of the meditations I teach addresses both of these pitfalls. First of all, I take your body through a modified progressive relaxation, so that you are comfortable and relaxed before the mind is addressed. Then you are directed to alternate your attention between your breath and your “third eye.” The third eye is the area in the center of your forehead, about an inch above your eyebrows. It has been called the portal into the spiritual realms, and requires your focused attention in order to be activated.
By first achieving comfort, the mind is more easily harnessed. The attention is directed between the breath and the third eye, therefore eliminating the boredom most commonly associated with meditation.
What happens when you begin “practicing?” The side effects are incredibly awesome and truly endless! First of all, you learn to be aware of your thoughts so that you can shift your attention away from the negative and toward the positive.
Studies have shown that the brains of long-time meditators actually change. The frontal cortex grows! This is where all the good stuff is – your ability to reason, your ability to access peace, tranquility and bliss! This is also where your creativity is accessed.
In addition, when you meditate, your heart rate decreases, your blood pressure lowers and your respirations lessen. Stress is released and the benefits of deep relaxation are multiplied. The ability to access happiness becomes natural and automatic!
Want bliss? Begin to meditate and utilize your most important power – the power of your mind!

Journey Into the Psychic by Guest Blogger Doug Dillon

In the book my wife Barbara and I wrote, An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic, we talk about something called, “The Writings”. This was our term for information channeled through Barb as we explored the world of the paranormal following my father’s death. Up until we lost my dad though, we had no understanding of, or belief in, the world of spirit. That viewpoint changed radically after many more experiences, study, being open to possibilities and consulting trusted people who knew about such things.
Barb’s channeling began with automatic writings and then developed into her ability to respond verbally to questions with her eyes closed. I became the interviewer and secretary, writing down what she said in a crazy shorthand that I later translated so it made sense. In this way, Barb and I probed into all kinds of things like life after death, religion, the meaning of world events, and the connections various family members had to the world of spirit. The results were often intricately worded but gave us unusual insights and great comfort.
Barb and I constantly wondered whether the information was coming from a higher portion of her own being or an actual entity. Originally, when we asked, we were told the communications flowed from someone who in life had the name Ollie. Other names followed. Eventually though, it really didn’t matter to us and we simply called the source of the information, “The Source”. Interestingly enough, however, as time went on, The Source referred to itself as “we” instead of “I.”
Just so you’ll get at least a little taste of those communications, here are some quotes from those days:
• The finality of the soul’s construction is non-existent. Its opportunities are never ending—therefore, the construction is never exact in its nature, either.
• Ghosts are actually visions created by a mutual agreement between parts of your souls, or parts of other souls and yours.
• I want you to be prepared for the eventuality of your lives but I also hope that you will not run from the hurting moments. They will turn into paths of joy at a later time which will be hard for you to understand. I want you to believe this very much.
The Source became such a big part of our paranormal journey that in our book, An
Explosion of Being,

It’s Only Food!

It’s Only Food!

Are you overweight? It’s not your fault! The human body is designed to overeat! The stomach has been known to expand 10 times it’s normal size to accommodate extra food. In ancient times it was survival of the fattest, not the fittest. Humans had to overeat so they could pack on the pounds to live through the winter, when food was scarce. If you were skinny, you died. The impulse to overeat is natural and normal.
The reason that 60% of adult Americans are overweight is because we live in an age of abundance. There’s a fast-food restaurant on almost every corner. It’s fast, and it’s cheap. Even poor people can eat at such places. Most of us eat like royalty; high fat and high protein, and at almost every meal. No wonder we’re overweight!
This is probably the first time in the history of the planet that we have to ration what we feed our bodies in order to be healthy. The irony is that this is also the first time in the history of the planet that we value being slender!
So what do we do in order to be healthy, in order to achieve and maintain our ideal weight in this age of fast, cheap food? We must learn how to think about food in a different way, a way that empowers us and not the food. How do we do this? By changing the way the unconscious mind thinks about food, not the conscious mind. By changing the way the unconscious mind thinks about food, the conscious mind automatically changes.
The conscious mind is wonderful and necessary, but the conscious mind is not where lasting change occurs. We all know, intellectually, the reasons why it’s important not to overeat or eat inappropriate foods. So what? Having that knowledge intellectually doesn’t change us. It’s the unconscious mind where true, lasting change occurs. It’s the unconscious mind where the positive connections between eating and feeling good were made in the first place. That’s why it’s important to work on the unconscious level, in hypnosis, to achieve positive, lasting change.
When we learn to control the impulse to overeat at the unconscious level, it becomes natural and easy! Natural and easy! Yes, and it also becomes automatic. When a shift occurs at the unconscious level, the conscious mind doesn’t have to think about it! Imagine! Automatically choosing healthy, appropriate foods and healthy, appropriate portion sizes! It is not only possible, it can be easy and automatic!
When we struggle with food, food wins. What we resist, persists. If we tell ourselves not to think about a hot-fudge sundae, what’s the first thing that pops into our mind? The hot-fudge sundae, of course! Will power only lasts a nano-second, as you know. If will power and imagination had a fight, imagination would win every time. That’s why we use imagination in hypnosis to change the way we “think” about food, so that we become mindful, we become aware, we get our power back within us, where it belongs.
Studies have shown that happy people have the ability to control their impulses. I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly had the experience of eating something I didn’t really want to eat, and eating the whole thing! Afterwards I’ve thought, why did I eat that? I didn’t even want it? Sound familiar? It’s because we are humans and humans are designed to overeat.
Happiness and empowerment occur when we consciously choose what we put in our bodies! When we choose what we eat, we are empowered and happy with ourselves. When food chooses us, we are it’s slave. We have no power. We are not happy.
Want to get your power back? Want to be food’s master and not it’s slave? Here’s an NLP (neurolinguistic programming – “The Science of Success”) technique that I teach most of my clients who want to achieve and maintain their ideal weight: Imagine the happiest, most positive state you can possibly imagine. It can be any state that makes you feel absolutely fabulous: Bliss, tranquility, calmness, peace, oneness with the Divine, you name it! Now cultivate that feeling until it’s as strong as you can make it. When it’s as strong as you can make it, take a deep breath.
That deep breath becomes in NLP terms an “anchor.” From that point on, whenever you take a deep breath, you automatically access the positive state. When you access the positive state, that’s using your power to choose how you feel. When you have the ability to choose how you feel, you’re not likely to use food to feel good, or to dull your senses. You don’t need to dull your senses because you are developing the ability to feel good simply by taking a deep breath!
Of course, this is many times more effective when done in hypnosis, so that the unconscious mind gets the message! Imagine! You can develop the ability to say YES to health and to say NO to what is not appropriate for you. You don’t have to fight the impulse to overeat! You have the ability to get your power back within you, where it belongs. That hot-fudge sundae has no power over you. You have the choice to determine what goes into your body. You are no longer a slave to food.
That’s just the first step, of course. Overeating is a lifestyle for many of us, and there are other techniques to use on an unconscious level to make permanent lifestyle changes.
Imagine being happy, calm, content, peaceful and at ease. These are your natural states! Being upset, agitated, angry, nervous, or worried are unnatural, negative states. When you learn how to choose being positive, the food battle ends.
What do you choose?
Learn to control your impulses and choose happiness.

About Diane:

Diane teaches weight loss to groups and individuals. Her next 6-week course begins Jan. 12 at the Winter Park Public Library. She is a certified hypnotist and Master Practitioner of NLP. For more information please visit

“Stagnant Tide,” a Sequel to “Annabel Lee,” by DRT, formerly Edgar Allan Poe

The following is a poem written by DRT, formerly Edgar Allan Poe.  This is a sequel that he wrote and I believe certainly rings true to Poe’s work.  Another interesting note is that DRT asked me not to call him Poe.  I had addressed DRT as Poe in an email and he asked me not to call him that, as he was DRT now.  In my mind that adds to the credibility of him actually being Poe, as he is not clinging to that life, but letting it go.

For a prequel and a sequel to, “The Raven,” please visit A Prophet’s Burden: The Raven Returns


Stagnant Tide

For the sun never sets without bringing regrets:
Her last breath, a small sigh, parted lips, two cold hands
In my grasp as pale shade of pure white in her face,
The personification of angel commands,
That our memory live to renew, no disgrace:
For the moon never hides without changing the tides.

For the sun never shines without bringing me lines:
Her sweet voice, a loud echo my soul now obeys.
The non-linear, vinegar, rational mind
Quickly spits out like poison.  She seeks more delays
As her soul’s true desire only time will rewind;
For the moon never wanes without bringing refrains:

For the sun never sets without bringing regrets;
Her soft lavender scent, a pale purple perfume,
A light feminine presence, still mother of pearl,
To awaken a memory sealed like a tomb:
A love story repeated by boy and sick girl,
For the moon never hides without changing the tides.

For the sun never shines without bringing me lines:
Her sad eyes, red from crying, avert intense glare
Of my stare while denying the truth in her heart:
That some men only dream like the meek without flair
While the weak soon despair about passion in art.
For the moon never wanes without bringing refrains:

For the sun never sets without bringing regrets
As the darkness invades the both wicked and just.
Her reclaimed shallow breath, an inhale and exhale
Of no faith in our love, with all doubt and no trust
In benevolent God who condemns none to Hell,
For the moon never hides without changing the tides!

Thank you, DRT!



Past-Life Regression – Edgar Allan Poe, Yes or No?

I have the most exciting job in the world! I get to explore human consciousness, visit fascinating realms, and discover amazing information about the hidden past. One such exploration recently involved a past-life regression with DRT, a 43-year old man who in this earthly life makes his living in an office setting. DRT, who looks at least 10 years younger, didn’t reveal any specific goal other than curiosity for doing the regression. You can imagine my surprise when I asked him during the session what his name was and he answered, “Edgar Allan Poe.” The following are DRT’s own words describing his experience. Interspersed are my comments. I have put his words in blue and mine in black so the reader can discern who’s writing what.

Death and Rebirth on New Year’s Eve

Perhaps the best time to do a past life regression is on December 31st since New Year’s Eve is death and rebirth personified. Also, in my particular case, the sun was in Capricorn like it was when I was born in a past life in the 1800s. On the practical side, I was off from work all day and I did not have to pick up my son from school on that Friday due to the holiday. While most parents would be busy buying champagne or firecrackers or possibly both, I was more interested in getting hypnotized for the first and so far, only time in my life. I drove west on Interstate-4 toward Diane Ross’ office. I had a two-hour afternoon appointment. My wife’s Garmin provided directions to keep me from getting lost.

Honestly, I really did not know what to expect. I had seen images of hypnotism on television and the internet, but I had never seen anybody hypnotized in person. I had never met the therapist before, but I checked her website and she seemed qualified and friendly. I specifically choose her because she had a writing background and an interest in spirituality. While many different types of therapists offer hypnosis for past life regression, some of them do not believe in the procedures that they perform in their offices. This seems both greedy and absurd. The purpose of any therapy is healing and true healers can be hard to find.

Because I did not want to compromise the session, I purposely withheld information from Diane. I did tell her the truth: that I wrote a novel in 2009 about reincarnation and in order to be motivated to finish writing it, I made a promise to myself to do first-hand research. I couldn’t even risk giving her the title of my unpublished novel.

Diane was professional and spent thirty minutes with me discussing what hypnotism is and isn’t, what it can do, and what it cannot do. Finally, we were ready to begin the session. I had no control over what information my Higher Self would divulge, but I was hoping to confirm a theory of mine about one of my past lives. Of course, I chose to record the session because I believe I was a famous person who lived from 1809 to 1849 and I wanted to have as much proof of it as possible. Naturally, there is no way to prove it logically or rationally. Nevertheless, I had already accessed my Higher Self while writing my novel and it, along with my intuition, pointed to one and only one conclusion. I thought it would be potentially fun to shock an unsuspecting therapist with the fact that in one of my past lives, I was the biggest screwball and loser in world history. I am not embarrassed by that life because it’s not like I am Hitler or Jack The Ripper reincarnated. Furthermore, I could “throw down.” In many ways, I was the first rapper.

The only way I can describe being hypnotized is that it is as relaxing as a perfect day at the beach multiplied by a trillion. At least, until one starts reliving a traumatic past. The session lasted slightly over an hour. After over twenty minutes of being put under, deeper and deeper, the therapist asked what my name was in that life. I told her I was Edgar Allan Poe, but everybody calls me Eddie. Not much was going on in that scene. I was wearing all black, including a top hat. Later at home, I did research on the internet and I found out that Poe did wear a top hat. The color was not mentioned, but we all know that Johnny Cash wasn’t the first man in black. The most intriguing scene was one in which my employer, Mr. Burton, fired me for always being late. I guess flex time was not invented in the first half of the 1800s. History says that Poe worked for Burton as an editor for eleven months and then supposedly quit. Burton firing Poe is not in any book or mentioned anywhere on the internet. Further research would be invaluable. If it can be proven that Burton did, indeed, fire Poe, then skeptics would be silenced, and more importantly, I would know for sure that I really was accessing the Akashic Records via an expanded consciousness.

Most people would want to know about the mystery of my death in that life. According to the doctors, Poe died of tuberculosis. It is surprising that it has never been put forward as a theory since it is a contagious disease and caused his wife, Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe’s death. Moreover, it can be spread by other means than sexual contact. Perhaps the Poes consummated their marriage, perhaps they did not. Is it incest if you marry your first cousin, but then don’t have sexual relations with your spouse?

The rest of the session was primarily the spiritual lessons learned from that life. Unfortunately, I did carry over some negative patterns. On the plus side, I also brought over some of the abilities that I developed in the 1800s. I tell other poets all the time that I am very old school. Some of them may even get the joke. I would hope that careful readers would discern some stylistic similarities between the master of meter and me.


March 14, 2011

The reader certainly can read DRT’s humor! And who but himself would refer to Poe as “the biggest screwball and loser in history?” Not in my biggest imaginings would I think that one of America’s greatest poets was a screwball and loser! One of the things DRT doesn’t mention is the emotion he experienced as we moved forward in the regression to a significant event. When I asked him to describe what he was experiencing, he told me that Burton, his boss, was firing him. He told me Burton was yelling at him and firing him because Poe was habitually late for work. (DRT told me later that he’s always 10 to 15 minutes early for work in this lifetime!) He said he was shell-shocked and depressed, he packed up his stuff and left, there was nothing else to do.

When I moved DRT forward five years in the memory, Poe had already passed away. We backed up to Poe’s death scene. He was in a hospital, not lucid, and wasn’t sure what caused his death. After he made the transition, a very tall male angel was there to greet him. DRT said the angel’s job was orientation and told him to do a life review. When we went to that place of review and I asked him what he learned during that lifetime, tears created streams down his face as he told me that it was a life that he chose, a life of limitations; socially, financially and emotionally, and that these limitations were largely self-inflicted. He said it was for his own spiritual growth, what he had charted for himself.

When I asked DRT what he had learned from that, he said that we can overcome our limitations, if we so choose. He said that as Poe, he secluded himself emotionally so as not to endure emotional pain. He said he carried over many of the same patterns developed in the life of Poe, including being emotionally distant, the same interests artistically and spiritually, the same frustrations of failing to be published and when he did publish, not being able to make enough money to quit his day job.

When I asked DRT why it was important for him to become aware of Poe’s life now, he said it was because he kept pushing other people away, he wouldn’t let his wife get as close to him as she wanted to be. He said Eddie also did that with his wife.

I asked DRT if there was anything he’d like to say to Eddie. DRT said that Poe did the best he could with what he had. DRT added, “I should have relaxed a little bit more and not expected the worst all the time. He was still a good person no matter what anybody else thinks.” There was more, but because we are attempting to make this short, suffice it to say that Eddie suffered constant loneliness and felt he had an unfinished life, but that, from this higher perspective, Poe knew that he didn’t need to be alone, that other people loved him and that he was “perfect the way he was, whether other people see it or not.”

Edgar died at the age of 40 of what the doctors called consumption but what we would call tuberculosis. When I asked for DRT’s guides and angels to give him insights and clarity about that life, he said, “It’s not over. I have to carry out my mission in my (this) life . . . showing people who I am. To bring them to a deeper level of spiritual understanding.” I asked one way that he could do this and he replied, “Writing work that is so similar to the past life that it makes people understand and question reincarnation.”

I asked DRT if he had any questions for his Higher Self, guides or angels and he asked, “How do I fulfill it?” referring to his mission. He was told, “Letting the world come to me. That’s it, no details or explanations. I guess just relax and let things unfold.” At that point, I asked for permission to ask a question from his Higher Self, guides and angels. After I got a yes, I asked, How can you best open your heart? He responded, “By serving other people. Serving other people through one’s occupation, or one’s hobby or one’s example of the way they live their life.” He also wanted to ask about the best course of action regarding his marriage and was told, “Follow your heart, being either 100% into it or 100% out of it.” When I asked what feels best he said 100% into it. He said it felt light, happy, peaceful and grounded. I asked for one action he could take to make it 100% and he said to tell my wife I’m sorry for pushing her away, to keep more involvement with my son, be more patient and forgiving.

From DRT’s point of view, when he went into the session I think his main concern was finding evidence that he, indeed, was Edgar Allan Poe. I think that after the session, he may have decided to follow his heart and accomplish his mission in his current lifetime. Regardless, he is a prolific poet, and I can attest that the rhyme and meter that he writes in his current lifetime are totally reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar Allan Poe. Yes or no? Who can decide?

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