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Jan 26

Secrets Of Positive Influence a Live Event

Almost everyone can recall a time when their life was changed or made better by a kind word, action or encouragement by another person. How many times have we read about people who felt their entire life was changed by a word or deed from a complete stranger? What is interesting is that the other …

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Aug 19

Simple Tricks To Shape Your Reality

Have you ever had that feeling that you aren’t moving towards the reality you really want? Have you felt like your reality is being shaped more by events than what you had planned for yourself? You can shape your reality. Join Diane Ross Tuesday August 30, 2016 as she takes you on a guided meditation …

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Jun 08

Discover Your Soul’s Gift

All of us come into this world with a special gift. This is a gift that is meant to be expanded upon and shared with the world. Things start making sense and fall into place when we come to realize what our soul’s gift is and how we can learn and expand upon this treasure. It …

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May 04

Communicate With Your Inner Healer – A Live Group Session

We all have an Inner Healer, a part of our spiritual nature that knows what we need to know in order to live a healthier life and to heal all aspects of our lives. This healing can be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to connect with our Inner healer …

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Apr 06

Access Your Ideal Self – A Live Group Session April 12, 2016

Reconnect With Your Ideal Self We all have an inner ideal self. It is that self that embodies all of our best qualities and highest ideals. Most people lose sight of their ideal self over time. But, you can reconnect with that inner best self and the rewards are tremendous. In this live group session, …

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Dec 03

Extreme Mind Training – A live event

Join me December 8, 2015 at the Winter Park Library from 7-8 p.m. and learn to train your brain. There are so many stressors in our lives especially this time of year. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn to achieve focus and let go of worry? You can. I will guide you with a meditative …

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Oct 31

How To Hear Your Angels

Join me Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at the Winter Park Library in Winter Park Florida 7 – 8 p.m. for what promises to be an uplifting live event. Have you wondered if you have a guardian angel or angels? Maybe you’d like to know more about what it is they want to share with you …

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Oct 08

Discover the #1 Rule for a Superior Life – A Live Event – 10 13 15

Join me and my special guest, Peter Parsley, social engineer for this truly exciting and important live group session. Everyone wants to live a superior life and achieve success in all the aspects of their life. Did you know that it is now backed up with research studies in the field of positive psychology that happiness …

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Dec 11

Past-Life Regression Stories – The Samurai

The Samurai   He didn’t want to kill again, but he had no choice. The young challenger stood before him with his razor-sharp weapon, calculating his first strike. The challenger was dead in seconds. “Master,” as the Japanese samurai was called, cut his opponent with the upswing of his sword and then again on the …

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Oct 02

Can You be Hypnotized?

Can You be Hypnotized? Can you be hypnotized? That’s one of the most important questions I’m asked, and in order to answer it, I’l like to explain the levels of consciousness and let you in on the secrets of stage hypnosis. The stage hypnotists out there would probably like to kill me for revealing these …

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Feb 11

Journey Into the Psychic by Guest Blogger Doug Dillon

In the book my wife Barbara and I wrote, An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic, we talk about something called, “The Writings”. This was our term for information channeled through Barb as we explored the world of the paranormal following my father’s death. Up until we lost my dad though, …

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