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Jan 26

Secrets Of Positive Influence a Live Event

Almost everyone can recall a time when their life was changed or made better by a kind word, action or encouragement by another person. How many times have we read about people who felt their entire life was changed by a word or deed from a complete stranger? What is interesting is that the other …

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Dec 21

Know Your Soul Contract a live event Tuesday December 27

KNOW YOUR SOUL CONTRACT Do you know the main reason you incarnated this time around?  Do you know what you planned to accomplish?  Are you completing your life’s work? Did you map out a plan for your highest good before you were born? In this guided group meditation, Diane Ross, hypnotist and Master Practitioner NLP, …

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Nov 22

Visit A Previous Lifetime – A Live Event November 29, 2016

Are there issues or blocks you are experiencing that you can’t really explain by events in this lifetime? Or are you wondering whether you have lived before in another place or time? You might even be seeking validation that you are an eternal being and that we really don’t die. During this live group meditation, …

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Aug 19

Simple Tricks To Shape Your Reality

Have you ever had that feeling that you aren’t moving towards the reality you really want? Have you felt like your reality is being shaped more by events than what you had planned for yourself? You can shape your reality. Join Diane Ross Tuesday August 30, 2016 as she takes you on a guided meditation …

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Jul 06

Secrets To Making Better Decisions – A Live Event – with Diane Ross and Peter Parsley

We all have difficulty making decisions from time to time. Too often we look back and feel that maybe, we got it wrong. Do you sometimes wonder how can I make better decisions in the future? It is possible. At this live group session, I will take you into a guided meditation and then share …

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May 04

Communicate With Your Inner Healer – A Live Group Session

We all have an Inner Healer, a part of our spiritual nature that knows what we need to know in order to live a healthier life and to heal all aspects of our lives. This healing can be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to connect with our Inner healer …

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Mar 16

Meet Your Council Of Wisdom – A Live Event

Often the most powerful part of a past life regression is when I take a client to the time between lives where they exist between incarnations. Here the soul reflects on the previous lifetime and the lessons learned. Another key event during that time is meeting with their Council of Wisdom. We all have a …

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Feb 04

Releasing Blocks A Live Group Session

Everyone has hopes and dreams for their inner selves and their outer life. Many of us set goals to achieve those dreams. But all too often, we seem to get stuck or “blocked” by some internal conflict or fear that seems to stop us from accomplishing those goals. Pushing through these blocks can be slow …

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