Can a Broken Heart Ever Heal?

Watch this short interview with Diane regarding this regression.

Penelope’s heart was poisoned with sadness. It would crush the joy out of her life for the rest of her days and darken her relationships with her husband and family. How could she recover from the loss of her youngest child? Could she ever let go of this grief even 150 years later? How could something like this remain hidden for so long?

Fast forward in time. Penelope was curious. She wanted to do a past-life regression to see what she might uncover. Sometimes being curious is exactly the state of mind needed to reveal important information.

Penelope was in her late forties and had never done this kind of work.

As I guided her into hypnosis, she easily slipped into a deep trance. In this deep, comfortable state, I led her into another life, another place.

I asked what she was wearing. She responded without hesitation; button-up shoes, a long black dress, long sleeves. She was in Great Britain, during the 1800’s. She told me she was married and had two children, a boy and a girl. The girl was about 13 years old and the boy was about nine.

Suddenly she started crying.

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“My son,” she sobbed. “He’s sick! Oh, God,” she wept, “my son died!”

She cried softly and I suggested that if it was too painful for her to experience this that she could rise up above the memory and look down on it, as if she were watching a movie. I suggested that she see the big picture of this event, and to tell me what happened as it unfolded.

Penelope said her son got sick and died, just like that, quickly, and there was nothing they could do. The ensuing pain overshadowed the rest of her days in that life.

Then she said her husband hugged her, trying to comfort her. I wanted her to move on, but she stopped me.

“I just want to feel his hug again,” she said.

After she came out of hypnosis we talked about what she had experienced. She told me that in those times, even married people didn’t show affection, and that she never felt her husband’s love until he hugged her after their son died.

She kept consciously going back to that singular loving embrace, cherishing the feeling of being loved.

Penelope was extremely thankful for that past life regression. She said she finally understood the relationship she had with a long-time boyfriend in her current lifetime. She said she loved him dearly, but she would not marry him and she didn’t understand why until we tapped into this memory.

During her college years, she had an on-and-off engagement with a man she really loved, but couldn’t bring herself to marry. She never knew why until the session with me. Her old boyfriend was her husband back in Great Britain, and her unconscious mind associated the inner torment of her son’s death with him. That’s why she couldn’t marry him. It wasn’t anything he had done wrong in the present, it was that her pain in the past was associated with him, and on an unconscious level, she couldn’t bring herself to connect with that grief.

She said that after her son died in that lifetime, she never felt happy again. Her daughter had grown up and married, and she continued to go through the motions of daily living, but the dark and painful chasm in her soul was never healed.

After the regression Penelope marveled at finally finding the reason she couldn’t marry her old boyfriend.

Now I understand,” she said. “It finally makes sense. Now I can stop thinking about him.” She couldn’t stop thanking me for helping her to let go of that old obsession.

She had thought about her old boyfriend every single day up to that point, even though she was now happily married and had a son. She just couldn’t understand, until she experienced the regression, why she stopped herself from marrying her old flame.

It’s also interesting to note that Penelope was unable to have children of her own in her current life. She and her current husband adopted a baby boy and were happy with their choices.

We will never know if her inability to conceive was also related to the grief of losing her son back then, but one cannot help but wonder.

One thing is for certain, Penelope is free from the unconscious pain she had associated with her former fiancé.

Finally, after a century and a half, her relationship has healed.


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