Discover Your Soul’s Gift

All of us come into this world with a special gift. This is a gift that is meant to be expanded upon and shared with the world. Things start making sense and fall into place when we come to realize what our soul’s gift is and how we can learn and expand upon this treasure.

It can be difficult sometimes to uncover what our gift is. In this live group session, I will help you achieve a deep

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state of relaxation where you will have the opportunity to connect with and better understand what your gift is and how it can help you achieve your goals in this lifetime.

You planned this life before you were born, and this is a method of finding out consciously what you planned so that you can fulfill your goals. Based on the work of Robert Schwartz, author or “Your Soul’s Gift.”

Join me for this important and exciting live group session.

Tuesday June 14, 20016 at the Winter Park Library from 7-8 p.m. in Winter Park, Fl. $15.00 at the door

for more information go to or call 407-898-7918


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