Journey Into the Psychic by Guest Blogger Doug Dillon

In the book my wife Barbara and I wrote, An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic, we talk about something called, “The Writings”. This was our term for information channeled through Barb as we explored the world of the paranormal following my father’s death. Up until we lost my dad though, we had no understanding of, or belief in, the world of spirit. That viewpoint changed radically after many more experiences, study, being open to possibilities and consulting trusted people who knew about such things.
Barb’s channeling began with automatic writings and then developed into her ability to respond verbally to questions with her eyes closed. I became the interviewer and secretary, writing down what she said in a crazy shorthand that I later translated so it made sense. In this way, Barb and I probed into all kinds of things like life after death, religion, the meaning of world events, and the connections various family members had to the world of spirit. The results were often intricately worded but gave us unusual insights and great comfort.
Barb and I constantly wondered whether the information was coming from a higher portion of her own being or an actual entity. Originally, when we asked, we were told the communications flowed from someone who in life had the name Ollie. Other names followed. Eventually though, it really didn’t matter to us and we simply called the source of the information, “The Source”. Interestingly enough, however, as time went on, The Source referred to itself as “we” instead of “I.”
Just so you’ll get at least a little taste of those communications, here are some quotes from those days:
• The finality of the soul’s construction is non-existent. Its opportunities are never ending—therefore, the construction is never exact in its nature, either.
• Ghosts are actually visions created by a mutual agreement between parts of your souls, or parts of other souls and yours.
• I want you to be prepared for the eventuality of your lives but I also hope that you will not run from the hurting moments. They will turn into paths of joy at a later time which will be hard for you to understand. I want you to believe this very much.
The Source became such a big part of our paranormal journey that in our book, An
Explosion of Being,

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