Your Place of Peace

Do you have a special place where you feel your best?
For some it may be breathing the crisp air of the mountains. For others it may be feeling the cleansing waters of the ocean. Others may prefer the security of their own back porch. Whatever place you feel your best; chances are this environment evokes peace, tranquility and comfort.
As we evolve mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we learn to take the positive feelings that we experience in our outer world, and cultivate them in our inner world. We learn to take the relaxing, calm feelings we get from our “special place” on the outside, and put them into a special place we have on the inside, so that no matter what our outer circumstances are, we have access to peace, tranquility and comfort.
Outer places are useful so that we learn how to experience these positive emotions, but if we can only experience these positive emotions when we are in this outer “place,” we have missed the point. The point is that these wonderful emotions are within you to begin with! You must already have these wonderful feelings within you, or you couldn’t have experienced them even in the presence of your special place. Your special place may have evoked these emotions, but the emotions were already in you!
The trick is to learn how to access these powerful, peaceful emotions at will. Here is a technique that I use, and maybe it will help you, too!
First, think of your special outer place. Imagine you are there right now. What are the sights you would see there? What are the sounds you would hear there? What are the fragrances you would smell there? What are the feelings you would feel there? Make it as real in your mind’s eye as you possibly can. Allow these sights, sounds, smells and feelings to get as strong as you can make them. When they are as strong as you can make them, take a deep breath in and put your attention on your heart.
What fires together, wires together. That’s the point of cultivating the positive feelings and then breathing and putting your attention on your heart. This action becomes an “anchor” or a trigger to the positive emotions.
The next time you are in need of peace, simply take a deep breath in and put your attention on your heart, and you will automatically experience the emotion that your outer place provided.
As you practice this technique, you learn how to access your best possible emotional state without having to go anywhere!
I was recently having my teeth cleaned. Now, being at the dentist’s office is not my favorite place to be (even though the people there are really nice!). One of the things I have learned is that being in my own mouth while having work done there is not going to help the dentist or hygienist do their work. So what do I do? I go to my special place! For me it’s the beach, or walking in the woods by a stunning waterfall.
So when I’m having dental work done, I go on vacation! I take a deep breath in, put my attention on my heart and am instantly transported to the peaceful, refreshing, calm, world of nature.
There is no point in experiencing discomfort if it can possibly be avoided. When you learn to access the positive states in your inner world, it makes it a lot easier to cope with the discomforts in the outer world.
What ever your special place is, cultivate the feelings you experience there on the inside so that you can take peace with you where ever you go!


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