Worry – Release

This morning a client called me on the phone and explained that her relatives in Nairobi, Kenya, had been injured in the recent terrorist attack there. She couldn’t stop worrying about them and asked me if I could help her get out of the worry cycle.
Of course I can! It’s natural to worry, I explained to her, especially when our loved ones are involved. However, worry does not help our loved ones and it certainly does not help us.
I asked her to see her friends and relatives there as pillars of light. The light represents love, which is all powerful and cannot be destroyed.
This does two very important things: First of all, it sends positive energy to them, and helps strengthen their energy field. Second, it helps her release worry and connect to a positive emotional state. When we see others as pillars of light, which is a metaphor for love, we cannot be in a state of worry. The image of light releases the negative energies.
So this is a quick, simple way of releasing worry: Next time you catch yourself worrying, see whatever it is that you are worrying about as pillars of light, and the worry will automatically be released and replaced by the positive energy of love.

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