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Author, speaker and private practitioner, Diane Ross’s interest in altered states of consciousness began in 1970, when she first started meditating.  It was at that time that she began experiencing the power of the unconscious mind.
She received her Bachelor’s degree in 1971 and her Master’s degree in 1974, graduating cum laude from California State University at Long Beach.
After teaching at high schools in California and Oregon, she entered the field of journalism and was a reporter and editor at two different newspapers in Arkansas.
In 1983 she moved to Orlando, Florida, where she currently has a private practice in hypnosis, NLP and meditation. She also conducts group sessions in the hopes that more and more people will experience the benefits of expanded states of consciousness.
Diane has recorded more than 100 self-hypnosis and meditation CDs, which are available for purchase.  Her book, Meditations for Miracles, is available at local bookstores, at Amazon.com and can be ordered through her websites.  Free excerpts are available at www.dianeross.com and www.meditationsformiracles.com.
She is certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists and The American Board of Hypnotherapy.  Diane is also a charter member of the Hypnosis Educational Association and a member of the International Association of Regression Therapies.

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