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Worry – Release

This morning a client called me on the phone and explained that her relatives in Nairobi, Kenya, had been injured in the recent terrorist attack there. She couldn’t stop worrying about them and asked me if I could help her get out of the worry cycle. Of course I can! It’s natural to worry, I …

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“Stagnant Tide,” a Sequel to “Annabel Lee,” by DRT, formerly Edgar Allan Poe

The following is a poem written by DRT, formerly Edgar Allan Poe.  This is a sequel that he wrote and I believe certainly rings true to Poe’s work.  Another interesting note is that DRT asked me not to call him Poe.  I had addressed DRT as Poe in an email and he asked me not …

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Past-Life Regression – Edgar Allan Poe, Yes or No?

I have the most exciting job in the world! I get to explore human consciousness, visit fascinating realms, and discover amazing information about the hidden past. One such exploration recently involved a past-life regression with DRT, a 43-year old man who in this earthly life makes his living in an office setting. DRT, who looks …

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