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Space Aliens and Weird Creatures

This is a visual portrayal of an excerpt from my book, Meditations for Miracles. Despite the unusual title of the video, the meditation is a reflection of the idea that love is the most powerful force in the universe, no matter what else may exist.

Worry – Release

This morning a client called me on the phone and explained that her relatives in Nairobi, Kenya, had been injured in the recent terrorist attack there. She couldn’t stop worrying about them and asked me if I could help her get out of the worry cycle. Of course I can! It’s natural to worry, I …

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Your Place of Peace

Do you have a special place where you feel your best? For some it may be breathing the crisp air of the mountains. For others it may be feeling the cleansing waters of the ocean. Others may prefer the security of their own back porch. Whatever place you feel your best; chances are this environment …

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Bliss = Mind + Meditation

Want bliss? How do you get it? Your mind. Your most powerful resource. Are you using it, or is it using you? How do you learn to use your mind to get what you want? How do you harness your power? Meditate. What does that mean and how do you do it? Most people have …

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