About Personal Sessions:

A personal session with Diane is $145 and may last up to two hours. For an additional $20, you may have the session recorded onto a CD that you keep. Appointments are typically scheduled Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

I consider my clients some of the bravest people on the planet. It takes pure courage to walk though the doors of a hypnotist’s office and into the unknown! Usually, people who come to see me have tried everything else first; then in desperation, they seek the help of a hypnotist. The really cool part is after the session. When they first walk in, they are typically nervous and a bit anxious. They leave smiling, relaxed and hopefully happy. I have often thought of taking “Before” and “After” pictures of my clients so they could see the difference for themselves. Of course, they really don’t need to see it, as they can FEEL it! They are typically amazed at how good they feel!

\"Depositphotos_65040771_s\"Many people come to me to release something that is blocking them from achieving their goals. Goals can include just about anything, from speaking in public without anxiety, achieving your ideal weight, quitting smoking, overcoming relationship difficulties, you name it!

Extremely valuable sessions occur with clients who are undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. When we access the powers of the unconscious mind and get all the energies working together, there are no limits as to what can be accomplished!

Other clients are simply curious and want to do regression work, or more esoteric undertakings such as visiting other dimensions and experiencing non-ordinary energies. It is not only possible to achieve your goals with hypnosis; it is practical! Hypnosis makes achieving the seemingly unreachable reachable. The only requirement for success is a desire to change. There is not one, single process or technique that we use to achieve your goals, there are many! One of the reasons that the session may last two hours is that you tell me not only what you want to accomplish, but your personal beliefs about accomplishing it. I don’t tell you what to do during hypnosis we access the information that is in your unconscious mind, waiting to guide you.

One of the reasons that hypnosis is so effective is that we are uncovering the wisdom that is already within you. During the relaxed, comfortable state that I guide you into, you experience the freedom to connect with inner knowledge and understanding that is not normally available to you in your usual, aware state. It is truly miraculous to witness the perceptual shift that allows you to change your world!

If you haven’t experienced the profound benefits of hypnosis, you’re in for a real treat that hopefully will enrich and enhance the rest of your life!





Updated 2014

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