Past Life Regression Hypnosis

I have to make a confession. After seeing many thousands of clients over the years I have to admit that I enjoy conducting past-life regressions more than any other kind of hypnosis session. This spiritual transformations and awakenings are so powerful and life-changing that they have come to hold a place deep in my heart.


Of course, some clients are just curious, and that\’s fine. We all are. Curiosity is one of the strongest attractions for us as spiritual beings. We want to know, we want to grow, we want to uncover hidden knowledge and feel new feelings. So, I often see a client who is just curious. But usually they are not prepared for the incredible insights and inspiration they receive as a by- product of that curiosity. Generally speaking, clients tend to recall events that have some sort of influence or impact on their current lifetime, even if they are doing a session just for “fun.” I think that\’s because our Higher Self is always ready to present our current personality with issues that are important for our spiritual development. As we ask ourselves, “Who was I in a past life?” we present ourselves with the memories that might best serve our highest good. Thus so often, a client comes in curious and leaves with a new appreciation for the mystery of life and themselves.

On the other hand, I have many, if not most clients, who have specific questions about their spiritual lives, current problems or whatever they are feeling they need to address the most. In those cases the memories from a previous existence will tend to address those concerns directly.

Regardless of why the client wants a regression, the common result is that they are often blown away at the information they receive and frequently find much relief in this life from the memories of a previous life. Sometimes they uncover a traumatic event that still causes fear or pain as it echoes in this lifetime. Sometimes a lesson learned from long ago is reawakened and provides great insight into the patterns repeated in the here and now. The compelling aspect of these sessions is the great benefits so many people reap when they get a glimpse into why they feel the way they feel, or repeat the patterns they now repeat. It is all so fascinating and wonderful.

I, too, benefit from my client\’s experiences. Over and over I am humbled to be in the presence of profound spiritual awakenings and inner healings that come forth. To tell the truth, I can go to work not feeling well or having a bad day, but by the time I have finished with helping my client connect with their past existences and their spiritual connections, I too walk away feeling whole and healed. It is such a privilege to do this work.

If you live in the Central Florida area, give me a call and I would be honored to help you uncover what has been hidden for so long. My office is in Maitland near the corner of Horatio and Highway17-92, so I\’m centrally located for much of the greater Orlando area. If you don\’t live nearby, we can arrange a phone session. I have several clients who live in other states and happily utilize that service on a regular basis. I will be honored to help you unfold the fabric of your spiritual history.

Click here to watch a short video about past-life regressions

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