Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss


You’ve made the decision that it’s time for you to start feeling good about yourself! You’ve made the decision to let go of excess weight and begin the journey of getting your power back, so that YOU decide what you put in your mouth.

You’ve made the decision to claim your personal power, so that you have power over food, food does NOT have power over you.

You are the only one who can determine what to put in your mouth. Face it. Only you have the power to say, “Yes,” to what is appropriate for to eat and to say, “No,” to what you know is not appropriate to eat.

No one else has the power but YOU!

If food has stolen your power up to this point, it’s time to get it back!

You have made the decision to reclaim your power, or you wouldn’t be reading this. That’s why congratulations are in order. Congratulate yourself for making the decision to get your power back within you, where it belongs. You are worth it!

What is power?

Most people think of power as having power over other people. That’s not power – that’s tyranny!

True power is having power over yourself – having the ability to say, “Yes,” and the ability to say, “No.” Think about it. If you can’t say, yes, you’ve lost your power. If you can’t say, no, you’ve lost your power.

The ability to say yes and the ability to say no really are the essence of FREE WILL! That’s what free will is! If you can’t say yes or no, you can’t choose. If you can’t choose, you can’t exercise your free will!

Your free will is your primary, God-given power to choose. Without choice, you cannot mature as a human being or a spiritual being.

Eating is an instinct. We all need to eat to survive. We all need to eat to keep our bodies alive. Overeating is a result of that instinct becoming out of control, beyond our choice.

One of the reasons we overeat is because we CAN!. We live in a time on our planet where food is abundant. There’s an ice cream store and a donut shop on almost every corner. It’s available and it’s cheap. It’s no wonder that 60% of adult Americans are overweight.

You know the expression, “I can resist anything but temptation!” With temptation on every corner, it’s no wonder you can’t resist!

What this course teaches is how to get your power back, how to get your power back into your own hands, where it belongs.

Remember, whatever you resist, persists.

If I say to you, “Don’t think about a hot-fudge sundae,” what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? A hot-fudge sundae!

Whatever you TRY not to think about automatically looms greater in your mind, because you have inadvertently put it there. Pretty soon that thought gets so huge and so powerful, you feel compelled to indulge. It has taken your power away from you. You feel helpless and overwhelmed. Your free will is gone. You are powerless. That’s a horrible way to live.

A better way to live is to exercise your free will. You empower your free will with your attention. Your attention begins with a thought. Your thoughts begin with the way you speak inwardly to yourself. Become acutely aware of how you speak to yourself with your inner voice. I’d be willing to bet you speak to yourself in a way that you would not speak to anyone else.

Become aware of your negative speaking patterns. It’s imperative that you change your inner, negative self-talk.

Your unconscious mind is like a little child. It has no filter. Your unconscious mind believes everything you tell it, whether it’s true or not. If you say to yourself, “I can’t stop eating mashed potatoes and gravy,” then you will not be able to stop eating mashed potatoes and gravy. You are constantly reinforcing the negative, or what you CAN’T do, by keeping your language in the present tense.

From this moment on, put everything negative or limiting that you are saying to yourself in the PAST TENSE.

Instead of, “I can’t stop eating ————–,” say, “I USED to think that I couldn’t stop eating _________, NOW I choose NOT to eat it.”

This is a small shift in language that will change your entire life! It’s THAT IMPORTANT!

Catch yourself. Even if you don’t believe it at first, that’s OK. Beliefs can be changed, and you change beliefs by changing your language first. Change your language and your beliefs will follow. It works like magic, but you must practice. You must practice and you must be consistent.

Say to yourself, “I USED to have a hard time saying no to _________________ (fill in the black).”

Put it in your own words. Make it meaningful for you.

You are the only one who can change your thoughts. You are the only one who can do this. Unless you are being force-fed, you are the only person on the planet who determines what goes in your mouth.

Do you know how important you are to yourself?

As you begin to change the way you speak to yourself, you begin to change your beliefs. If your beliefs are not in agreement with your goals, you will not be able to achieve them. It’s easier to change your beliefs by simply putting all negativity in the past tense. This is a simple technique, but it will change your life!

Nobody knows what’s going on inside of you, except you. Only you can free yourself from the bonds of your inner, negative thinking.

It may feel like you’re lying to yourself at first, and that’s OK. It’s OK to lie to yourself as long as it’s a positive lie. After all, you’ve been telling yourself lies up until now anyway. You’ve been telling yourself negative lies. You really CAN live without overeating or eating inappropriate foods. The body needs very little in order to survive. We’ve been telling ourselves many lies about food, probably for a long time!

Become aware of that first urge to overeat or to eat inappropriate foods. What is the first THOUGHT that pops into your mind when you have that urge? You may need to sit quietly for a moment in order to become aware of that first thought, but it’s there.

You may become aware of a FEELING before you become aware of a thought. What is the feeling that comes up when the impulse to indulge emerges? What is the emotion telling you in words? This is the thought. Now put that thought into the past tense. Let the thoughts keep coming up and keep putting the in the past tense.

Notice the difference in how your body feels as you do this. The way your body feels is actually affected by the way you speak to yourself. That’s how powerful you are! That’s why this works! As you tap into your thinking and your emotions, you tap into the power of manifesting your dreams!

Most people are not aware of what they are thinking or feeling as any given moment. If I asked you right now, “What are you thinking?” You’d probably say, “I don’t know.”

You can’t choose if you don’t know what your choices are. You can’t change your thinking if you don’t know WHAT you are thinking!

If you can’t choose what food you put in your mouth, then that food has your power. If you are not choosing food, food is choosing you! You are a slave and don’t even know it.

You want your power back or you wouldn’t be reading this. That’s why congratulations are in order. Congratulate yourself! Give yourself a big hug! Give yourself permission to feel good, right now, in this moment, in this instant! Why would you put off feeling good? Why would you put off feeling happy?

Do you know that most people put off feeling happy? Most people put off being happy into the future. Most people reserve being happy for special occasions.

Most people think, “I’ll be happy when I lose 5 pounds,” or, “I’ll be happy when I get that new car, or that new job or that new relationship or _______________fill in the blank.”

Don’t sabotage yourself with “when” thinking. “When” never gets here. All you have is right now, this moment, this instant. Why would you put off feeling good into the future when you have the ability to feel good now!

The beauty is, the more you feel good now, in the present moment, the more power you have to choose!

The better you feel, the better your choices are! Think about it. Chances are you don’t choose wisely when you don’t feel good.

Don’t put off being happy until you achieve your goals. Give yourself permission to be happy now and it will be much easier to achieve those goals

If you let what is outside of you (food, money, belongings, relationships, etc.) determine how you feel on the inside, you will always be a victim. Victims don’t choose. Victims don’t exercise their free will.

If you are not as your ideal weight now, chances are you have become a victim of food. You are not able to choose food, food chooses you.

If you don’t allow yourself to feel good now, regardless of how much you weigh, you will still be a victim of food.

As you allow yourself to be happy NOW, you get your power back, NOW, because you are choosing to be happy. What is the value of waiting to be happy?

The longer you wait to feel good, the more weight you accumulate!

Let yourself be happy NOW. Why would you make any other choice? The power to choose is YOURS.


Class Topics found on this recording:

  • Impulse Control, the Key to Self-Empowerment
  • The Positive Intention Behind Overeating
  • Connecting to your Ideal Weight
  • Changing Sub-Modalities
  • Releasing Blocks
  • Staying on Your Path
  • Levels of Consciousness
  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage
  • Brain Shifting (an entirely new technique developed by Diane)



 This set includes a live recording and hypnosis session for each week of the 6 week classes it is based on.

Also included is a studio recorded CD of Hypnosis for Weigh Loss to be listened to every day.

7 CDs total!

You\'re Getting Thinner

Hypnosis & NLP for Weight Loss

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These Testimonials are taken from the live 6-week classes that the

Weight Loss CD set is taken from.


 The food hypnosis WORKED last week!! I\’ve been making MUCH healthier food choices ever since our last appointment. I have even found that I have been craving healthier foods (fruits, veggies, salads, oatmeal, whole grains, etc.). When I do \’snack\’, I CHOOSE it consciously – I don\’t feel as if I\’m  slave to the food. I keep hearing you say that food is meant to nourish the body – NOT the soul. What a GREAT feeling! Thank you SO much, Diane! I feel getting healthier and losing weight already!

J.S., Orlando

I would like to share that I have learned to deal with my weight the healthy way and the weight loss class has helped me lose weight the right way. I also have learned to love myself which is the most important thing to remember. I definitely recommend this class. Diane is a wonderful person and teacher. She has changed the way I look at life.

Thanks, Diane!  Anonymous, Orlando

This class has given me the tools to reach for my determination and commitment to stay strong and calm whether I have the cookie or not. Choices are much easier and my body likes to eat healthy and stay healthy. Thank you, Diane. The last self-hypnosis session helped me to deeply get into loving myself, and understanding that because I love myself, I choose the right healthy foods. I feel like it finally clicks. I\’m very happy. I feel outstanding!

Thank you!  Anonymous, Central Florida

Diane offers great universal truths and insights that combined with easy and elegant techniques makes for a very empowering and life-changing experience!

Anonymous, Orlando

Thanks so much, Diane! I\’ve learned so much from you! You\’re an excellent teacher!

Anon., Orlando area

Self-hypnosis is the only way I have been able to envision myself in my ideal form and that single ability has effortlessly increased my success in remembering, \”It\’s only food.\”

Thanks, Diane!  Anonymous, Central Florida


Michelle began the Hypnosis and NLP for Weight Loss Course at 152 pounds and is now 128 pounds.
Doesn\’t she look terrific!








Dear Ms. Ross:   A dear friend of mine suggested that I take your weight loss class, which was offered at the Winter Park Library. Over the years, I have tried every diet known to mankind. I\’ve spent hours in all of the bookstores, looking for the answers to get rid of this extra size I have been carrying around me since my teenage years. I\’ve even tried those programs where you pay a lot of money and they provide the food to make one lose weight. I\’ve had weekly shots, given by the doctor. Well, none of them worked.

With your power of suggestion, and ways of thinking about food and nutrition, it has finally made perfect sense. In the six week course, I had dropped over 22lbs. Since that time, I have maintained your lessons and have a grand weight loss total of 35lbs. It was done sensibly and in a healthy way!~ Even the fat farm I attended could only get me to drop 5lbs in two weeks and that was all water weight through herbal wraps, and it also came right back.

You are right. I don\’t wish to wear mashed potatoes on my rear. I want to feel healthy and look better. My skin is clear and I\’m sleeping through the night. People at work are starting to notice. It\’s a wonderful feeling! I recommend this program to anyone. You gave me desire and will power to make it happen. I\’ve changed my thinking entirely. In fact, I have several friends who also want to feel good about life and themselves. When is your next class?

Your methods are life changing! Thank you for changing mine.

Sincerely yours, MJW, Orlando

Thank you for an excellent presentation (on The Secret). Intellectually I may have known some of that, but I definitely discovered it last night. I am not sure that I will be able to continue with the techniques you gave us, I have the meditation CD (my wife does anyway) and I will give that a try. It was so easy when you took us into it, I could not hear anything but your instructions and the background music, and the visualizations were only what you told us to visualize. If I can\’t reproduce that on my own, I will be bothering you to do it again.

Also, your work with my wife has produced not only a more slender woman, which is why she went to you, but it has virtually removed a worrysome trait she has carried for thirty years. She has always had a knot of muscles on her upper back from being tense, and her personality was such that whatever anyone said she became defensive as if she were being attacked. Since seeing you, this has disappeared. I am sure this will have a direct effect on her physical as well as mental health.

Thank you. E. B., Orlando

I would recommend this class to anyone.  It is so powerful.  Not only with weight loss, but every other aspect of your life.  I have had a few powerful breakthroughs.  I realized I have to have peace and happiness in my life.  I also realized that I wasn\’t living to my fullest potential.  In class 5 a block was released and I took the power back from others and gave it to my self again.  I no longer allow others to tell me how I should feel.  I now realize it.  Somewhere along the way I lost that.  This class is the best thing I\’ve done for myself in a long time.  You will enjoy Diane, she is an excellent instructor, easy to understand and you will feel very safe and comfortable with her.  

C. C., Oviedo, FL.

This was a profoundly exciting experience.  The last 6 weeks have helped me create a different path for all aspects of my life.  I\’ve begun integrating the best experiences from my past into my present reality.  I choose healthy foods over junk food.  I eat 30% to 60% less than I used to.  I exercise 30 minutes a day — a miracle because I have fibromyalgia and used to experience so much discomfort, that I would rarely exercise.  My energy level has escalated —  unusual because I used to have terrible fatigue problems.  I will continue taking Diane\’s classes until I know the immense possibilities on this path.  

S. W., Orlando, FL.

I feel so much better and more powerful than ever.  I don\’t eat or snack mindlessly anymore.  

Jessica R., Orlando, FL

This class has helped me not only with weight loss, but with everyday life.  

P. H., Orlando, FL.

The class was life changing. For the first time in my life I am eating consciously rather than compulsively. I am losing weight and getting my power back! I hope that you realize the impact that you\’re having on your attendees. The class is amazing.

L.B., Winter Park, FL

Even though I know how to do these hypnotic and NLP techniques, I\’ve never seen them used so effectively and blended together so effectively. A change has occurred at a very deep level usually reserved for one-on-one regression to cause sessions. (I\’ve lost) 19 pounds in 4 weeks and I didn\’t feel deprived.

B.T., Orlando, FL

Food now tastes differently. If I don\’t enjoy it, I won\’t eat it. I now only eat when hungry. Drink lots of water. I\’m a different person now and evolving into my true, higher, perfect self. I feel fabulous! M.,

Orlando, FL

Diane\’s class has given me the confidence that I never had before to lose the weight. I feel so empowered! Name withheld by request.

Orlando, FL

I loved your class. I\’ve lost 25 pounds and am still losing. I feel great- lighter both physically and mentally. I think one of the greatest tools I came out of your class with was the concept of Ideal Self. Not only have I applied it to my physical aspect but also my mental and spiritual aspects. I have used it to become more creative and the result would be art shows 🙂 I\’ve had the energy to pursue creative outlets and not be weighted down in negativity.

Thanks so much! Kim

Hi Diane

You might remember me as the David B. who lost 5 pounds in your recent weight loss class. You can forget that guy. Now think of me as the person who lost 7 pounds. I think I am just at the beginning of loosing weight and becoming healthier and healthier. I think that the change in lifestyle habits, mostly eating, are more important than any weight I might have lost during the 6 classes. I have already tightened my belt a notch, can wear jeans that were formerly too tight, have been able to lessen my stomach medicine, and maybe am on my way to stopping it altogether. I\’m trying that tonight.
The interesting thing is that it is a pleasant change. I have no cravings or desire to stuff myself. I have given up several bad choices of food, and have begun to love healthier food naturally. I get a pleasant feeling with my stomach at peace, and am amazed at how much joy I get from that. I cherish that feeling so much, that I don\’t want to loose it by filling my stomach with a mixture of different foods.
I\’m not really sure what went on during the hypnosis sessions, because I seemed to always go to sleep during the good parts. But whatever it was seems to be having positive effects in my life.
Thanks again for a wonderful class with so many useful techniques to help with the weight loss.
A happy student,

David B., Altamonte Springs

I made it through the night without any tummy pills at all. I usually have been taking two. I feel like I can do it again tonight. I\’ve not been able to do that for many years, so it is a big deal to me. My new feeling in my stomach brings peace to my life. Funny, isn\’t it? The extra benefit is going to be continued weight loss. It feels so good that I just have to go on. I also sleep less and have more energy.



Throughout my life I have tried every diet you can think of and my weight used to go up and down like a yo-yo. I reached my heaviest in 2001, and decided it was time to solve the issue once and for all. I have lost 50 lbs by attending Diane\’s \”Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss\” classes and practicing the NLP she teaches in my daily life. By reprogramming my own mind, I now think totally differently about food, weight, my body and my health. I feel completely able to make choices that are best for me and to my delight, I no longer feel like a victim of my own cravings. I barely have them at all anymore! With the empowerment I found within through Diane\’s guidance, it is actually easier to make healthy choices for myself than to fall back on bad habits. I found it most helpful to listen to the weight-loss CD every day and to really explore the depths my subconscious attitudes during the in-class hypnosis. It is truly a life changing journey through one\’s own thoughts and feelings� a priceless one that leads to an inner transformation that will show on the outside. It\’s by far the easiest and most natural way to healthy, life-long weight loss that I can imagine. Other happy side-effects have included more energized creative projects and a positive outlook on my life\’s possibilities. Thanks for all you do, Diane! With gratitude and best wishes ~Molly


*I lost 30 lbs during my First 6-week session (and maintained it for a year). I have lost 20 more in the last 6 months (through 2 more 6-week sessions). During times of weight-loss I consciously restricted calories, sugars and fats as much as possible and now maintain my weight by eating whatever I want in sensible portions. I also make sure to get moderate exercise (such as walking) for 20 minutes, 3 times a week or more. As an added bonus, my bad cholesterol went from 215 to 148.

Molly\’s Tips

Fruit juice spritzer (instead of soda):

1 cup seltzer or club soda

1/4 cup no-sugar added apple juice (or any unsweetened fruit juice)

(approx. 25 calories)


-Blend applesauce, berries, and juice in blender or food processor to make about (4)1/2 cup servings (Add or remove juice for more/less thickness)

On each serving:

-Pour over 1/2 sliced banana (other peeled half will keep in the fridge 1-2 days)

-Sprinkle 1/4 cup cereal on top (approx 100-150 calories)

Though I\’m no nutrition pro, these are some things that worked for me:

-Be open to appreciating feeling hungry before meals as much as you appreciate feeling full afterwards.

-Use salad plates instead of large dinner plates at mealtime to help control portions.

-Read labels, and measure your food to get used to healthy serving sizes.

-with sandwiches or your main dish, have a serving of fruit or veggies instead of chips, fries, or other high calorie side dish.

-Try not to eat 3 hours before bed while you\’re losing weight, the in the morning fill an empty stomach with a small yet healthy breakfast to kick-start metabolism. 1 serving of bread, one protein/ dairy, and one fruit is a good combo.

-Drink lots of water, 64 oz a day. Beware of calories in flavored drinks.


Sessions and recordings can be hypnotic. Do not drive or operate machinery if listening to a hypnosis recording.

Results are individual and results do vary and specific outcomes may not occur and are not guaranteed or implied, nor can they be considered typical.

All material or recordings are informational or for entertainment purposes and do not represent medical advice. Users of this site and purchasers of recordings should always refer to health professionals for any issues relating to health and wellbeing.

Diane L. Ross is not a medical care provider and is not engaged in the practice of medicine or health care. No guarantees of results are made are made or implied on any goods or services referred to on this website. Results with hypnosis, NLP and meditation are individual to the user and no results are to be considered typical.

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