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  Private Sessions

A personal session with Diane is $145 and may last up to two hours. For an additional $20, you may have the session recorded as an mp3 that can be emailed to you. Appointments are typically scheduled Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Call 407-898-7918 to schedule a session now!

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“I have been working with Diane for 11 years. The first few sessions were in person in Orlando and then I moved to the DC area. That is when we started phone sessions. It has been an amazing way to connect. The work Diane and I do together is nothing short of magical. Doing our sessions through the phone is easy and convenient. All you need is a comfortable, quiet, private space, and a phone! Diane’s love, compassion, and wisdom shines through just like it does in person. I have been so thankful to have Diane’s presence continue in my life this way despite the physical distance. It’s a great way to connect and heal always, but especially during this unprecedented time. Thank you, Diane!!”
D.S. Washington, D.C.

Phone Sessions available during Covid 19

During this Covid 19 crisis, I will be conducting all sessions and regressions by phone. I have done phone sessions for many years and have done many, many phone sessions during this time. As a matter of fact, I have several clients in different states who I “see” regularly, and in the case of one client, seen regularly for many years via phone sessions.

I find my clients are totally satisfied with their phone sessions and I find them to be as effective as sessions in person. The only requirements are a good phone connection and a relatively quite place where you will not be disturbed for a couple of hours.

This is the perfect time to reconnect with your inner self and gain insights and peace of mind as regards what you and all of us are experiencing. I so look forward to working with you. Give me a call to schedule an appointment as soon as possible as I have been filling up fast with phone appointments.

Thank you,


for more info call Diane at 407 898-7918


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New Upcoming Event!

Past-Life Regression - Where Were You 2,000 Years Ago?  

This is an exciting live virtual event on Zoom, Tuesday, December 28 from 7-8 p.m. $15.00 scroll to bottom of this webpage for more info

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Read Diane’s New Book!

Tired of being trapped by the negative energy in your life and in your mind? Inspired by A Course in Miracles, these simple steps can lead to a life of freedom and joy. Citing the latest research in neuroplasticity, Diane combines science with spirituality to help you create positive neural pathways in your brain and let go of negative thought patterns. Included are stories from both earthly and cosmic realms that will guide you on a journey to self-love and love of others. Author of the highly acclaimed, Meditations for Miracles, Diane also addresses issues such as addictions, preempting violence, becoming your authentic self and discovering your life’s purpose. Borrowing from NLP (neruolinguistic programming), hypnosis and ancient meditation techniques, this technique will help create heaven on earth. These easy steps will help you live in the moment, love unconditionally and surrender to the divine.

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Diane’s Previous Book

Meditations For Miracles by Diane L. Ross is a meditations for miracles box pngbook of 365 daily meditations that will bring inspiration and understanding into your life each and every day. It is available on Amazon. (click the button below)

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These testimonials are from individual clients and real life experiences of those who have used our services or products. However, these are individual results and results can and do vary and specific outcomes may not occur or be typical. Diane L. Ross does not claim these are typical results that clients will achieve. These testimonials are not necessarily representative of everyone who will use our service or products.


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for more info call Diane at 407 898-7918

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Past-Life Regression - Where Were You 2,000 Years Ago?  

Past-Life Regression Where Were You 2000 Years Ago?


 Diane L. Ross, M.A.,

 author, speaker and facilitator of

Spiritually Transformative Experiences. 

Online via Zoom

Past-Life Regression – Where Were You 2,000 Years Ago?  Take a fascinating journey back in time and discover where you were during the holy season 2,000 years in the past.  Were you alive on this planet?  Did you meet any historical figures?  What was your role?  What did you learn?  During this guided meditation, Diane will take  you into the multiverse of past lives and focus on the one that will give you insight and information about why that particular life was important to you.  What would you like to know?  Join us via Zoom.  All participants will receive an MP3 of the session upon request. You may register via Eventbrite, pay through PayPal or call Diane with your credit card information at her landline, 407 898-7918 or her cell at 407 538-7614. 

see Eventbrite link above to sign up.

$15.  For more information call Diane at 407 898-7918.

 Click Here for more information on Diane’s classes


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