I met Diane when a friend of my invited me to her monthly presentations at the Winter Park Library. Am I glad I did. When life threw me one too many curve balls I wracked my brain as to where to turn to deal with the seemingly insurmountable. I am working with Diane and have been for several months now. At home, I listen to her mediation tape 3x daily, read her daily inspirational book (Meditations for Miracles), and most weeks get in for a hypno therapy session. I find that I am becoming more relaxed and less anxious. My fretful dreams are changing and I seem to be experiencing more awareness of guidance in my life. This makes me less fearful and more confident that I am safe and life is easier because I am not alone in my trials. Diane’s loving presence has allowed this unfolding. Her faith has upheld my own. Her countenance and her walk, model how it can be and how it is becoming for me as well. She is helping me with neurolinguistic programming as well, cleaning up the way I talk about myself and my life, shooing out the victim and welcoming in the empowered co-creator, me! I invite anyone who is dealing with issues of grief and loss, low self esteem, anxiety, depression or anger to sign up for the real deal. She is a loving and positive person who genuinely gives of her time, talents and treasure